Motions Graphics

2D/3D Animations

We are Magic Monkeys Ceylon,
from Colombo, Srilanka.

A team of young, energetic and enthusiastic professionals who have committed themselves to go beyond expectations to help their clients achieve amazing targets. We believe in our creative talent, our strength and our commitment that drive us forward to provide innovative advertising solutions.

What We Do

Photography goes beyond the natural geography to reinvent art. It is not merely recording things on film. Photography, with its high potential as an art based on advanced digital technology, can do wonders today by capturing even the microscopic facets of life. It is no longer a game of pixels and it really excels in many ways as photography can redefine the world. We know photography can always go that extra mile to add all new dimensions to the world.

AV Productions/Videography

Commercials in this highly commercialized world have become the determining factor in many ways. They have the amazing power of changing the psyche, behavioural patterns and lifestyles. Based on insights gathered, commercials play a big role in socializing new trends in very effective and persuasive manners. Being the most advanced form of human communication hitherto known, we belive that commercials can add value to the industry.

Concept Writing/Developing

Concepts originate from those who accept the truth and challenge it by going beyond the boundaries to open up new avenues of thinking, believing and analysing. Adding new perspectives to lives, such concepts revolutionize the world turning it into a more exciting place for the human race to move forward accessing the path of success. There is always a good concept behind every achievement and that is why we strongly believe in novel concepts.


Designs are the signs of creativity that shines. With lines of many forms, designs recreate the world for everyone to see many aspects of reality and move in the right directions with a sense of imagination to reach a multitude of destinations. Designs, in a way, are the building blocks of everything. The universe itself is a grand design that consists diverse forms of mini designs juxtaposed to end up in one big wonder. We also want to make wonders of the sort with designs.

Motion Graphics

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